Our Philosophy

We believe that recovery from addictive disease requires an environment that allows you to examine the effects of your addiction in an accepting and non-judgmental way. We view alcoholism and drug addiction as health problems rather than moral or legal problems, although our addictions may result in moral, legal, family, and relationship problems. We take a pro-active approach and know the importance of your involvement in your recovery. Recovery happens a day at a time. We will help you to learn and use the tools to stay clean and sober.

Each choice that we make in our lives has a result. In recovery you can learn to make new choices that will bring about the positive changes that you want. The counseling staff at Choices are certified chemical dependency counselors and our program is accredited by the Division of Community Behavioral Health in South Dakota.

More importantly our counselors are recovering addicts, alcoholics, and compulsive gamblers and understand addiction from the inside out. We have been where you are and understand the fears of giving up an addiction. We have also found a better way to live and know that if it was possible for us, it is possible for you.

Today you do have a choice. It is our hope that you will choose CHOICES as you begin to live your recovery!
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