Are you curious about the recovery services that we offer? Read some feedback that our customers have provided after the completion of their counseling:

"I would like to thank the staff and all the members in the group. Thank you very much for your input, caring, sharing and support. For everybody that is new - I kind of know how you feel. When I first stepped through this door I said, "What in the world is going to happen? You are probably upset and a little angry. But as the sessions went on I learned about all the situations people go through being an addict. So, like myself, just follow the program, take action and follow the steps." - Rod Z. - October 2015

“The whole staff was very welcoming and talkative. It meant a lot. Thank you.” Jared S.

“I really enjoyed my time in IOP. I appreciated all of the individual attention I received from everyone.” Pam B.

“I feel that the importance of sobriety is more clear to me now. Sometimes recovery is more than just quitting chemicals.” Jonathan L.

“This helped me realize I had a serious problem and that I was in denial. Helped find me again.” Bill O.

“This program taught me so many things about me, and made me look at myself for who I truly am. These are the best, most informative counselors available. They really care and are real, not fake." Troy M.

“ Choices is the greatest decision I've ever made to do!!! I hope everyone chooses here....”  Pam V.

"Great program - very positive, a personalized program." Rene' M.
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